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Cooling Tiles Manufacturer in Chennai

Rocotile is a result of an innovative and unique technology that combines the goodness of nature with the exactness of science in cooling tiles manufacturing to keep your home super cool and supremely comfortable. Rocotile uses 13 natural cooling minerals and deploys cutting-edge technology to manufacture white cooling tiles that are of export quality. It’s modern and state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Chennai is one-of-its kind and has sufficient capacity to cater to the entire city of Chennai!

Heat islands are city areas where the temperature is several degrees higher. As a result of heat island effect, significant heat absorption takes place during the day and very little cooling occurs during the night. A reduction of this heating effect will make much more pleasant and residents can sleep better.

An American study concluded that ordinary clay tiles reflect only 35% of the heat and is 20°C warmer, while a white roof reflects around 85% of the heat and is just 5°C warmer than the ambient temperature.

Reason why, we have developed special white roof cooling tiles to make your home cool and comfortable.

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