No need for AC. Cooling your home is easy!

Heat-reflective weathering tiles for your terrace.

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  • Reduces room temperature

    by 11 degrees

Easy to lay

than traditional tiles


component tiles

Less roof



and fungus-free


Kids can play freely




to walk on even in summer


with no leakages


13 cooling minerals

Roof cool tiles manufacturer in Chennai

Rocotile set out itself to be a leading roof cool tiles manufacturer in Chennai. We specialize in manufacturing supreme grade terrace cooling tiles for residential and commercial use. When you choose Rocotile, you are choosing a reliable partner who brings to the table a world-class product that’s manufactured to exacting standard.

Make your home feel like Switzerland

Rocotile, roof cool tiles reflects back 92% of the heat thereby reducing room temperature to ensure comfortable days and cool nights.

Rocotile is made with advanced technology that incorporates natural and pollution- free materials that have been tested and certified by ISO 9001 2019.

We manufacture them in our own world-class manufacturing facility in Chennai, adhering to stringent standards set by regulatory authorities.

Rocotile is not only easy to lay but faster to lay as well; and many times more effective. There is no need to use old-fashioned and outdated Surkhi!

Rocotile is certified ‘eco-friendly’ by Green Building Initiative. We are also a certified member of Indian Green Building Council ( IGBC ).

Rocotile Vs Ordinary Clay Tile

Rocotile not only cools your home but is comfortable on your wallet too. Here’s proof:

Rocotile Vs Ordinary Clay Tile: Cost Comparison (In Rs)

Ordinary Clay Tile Rocotile
Cost of tile 28 42
Grouting compound 3 3
Lime surkhi mortar 32 0
Baby chips slope 0 12
Cement mortar 20 20
Water proofing 10 10
Labour charges 25 25
Total cost per sq. ft. 118 112
*Price may be lower in select cities

Rocotile Vs Ordinary Clay Tile: Other Benefits

Ordinary Clay Tile Rocotile
Heat reduction up to 4°C up to 11°C
Ingredients just clay & sand 13 cooling minerals
Laying time 7 days 2 days
Life span 3 to 4 years Lifetime product
Water seepage Yes 100% Nil
Anti-skid No Yes
Walking on it in daytime Extremely difficult Very comfortable
Anti-stain No Yes
Ease of cleaning Difficult Very easy
Roof weight Heavy Less
A/C usage High Low

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